about bittersoundfoundation / david j griffiths...

after spending most of the mid 80's to mid 90's in various post-punk & indie bands (in the wild, final hour, backlash, weegee), the decision to not work with musicians anymore was taken and bittersoundfoundation was born.

inspired by the cut-up styles of cabaret voltaire and the electronica of early new order, work was started to produce predominantly sample & loop-based material. this particular style of output culminated in the 1997 track 'brass jam', the track aired first on the cult website cookdandbombd (that he also co-founded) and heavily sampled and featured a major source of inspiration: chris morris. the track became very popular on the p2p networks of the time.

in 1998 the decision was made to bring more instrumentation into the music and the ambient indie track 'second sight' was released. this track not only veered away from the old style of being mainly sample-based but also heralded the return of performed vocals as opposed to samples.

after a few more internet-released tracks and a rather prolonged time 'resting', 2001 came arrived and the phenomenon that came to be known 'bastard pop', or 'bootleg mix' was born.

along with such mashup classic such as the seminal 'get ur 9lb cock on' by jacknife lee, bittersoundfoundation's 'brass jam' track was included in the now notorious bootleg compilation that was released by the boom selection website, the leading source of bootleg/bastard pop news and gossip.

this exposure triggered a manic creative spurt and in the following 3 years bittersoundfoundation produced tracks for 'mtv mash' and also (and more significantly), 'the remix' show on london's xfm radio, hosted by eddy temple-morris and james hyman. the tracks 'check the sensi' and 'save a cubik prayer' became extremely popular and counted for most of the downloads on this site at the time.

since 2006 activity was been quiet, although david has surfaced occasionally providing comment, samples and general audio weirdness for the radio show that comedian iain lee hosted on london's lbc 97.3FM, and now absolute radio 105.8FM

since early 2009, bittersoundfoundation has been put into semi-retirement... see the blog for more info on future projects.